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I like catching people as they laugh
Eyes crinkled in genuine joy
I like the pencil poised between my fingers
Focused on creating new worlds
I like sitting in the warm sun beams on the carpet
Seeing the light through red eyelids
I like crying to sad songs
Vision blurry with empty tears
I like to stay up all night
Eyes heavy, mind fuzzy
I like these small things in my own mind Because my eyes can’t see the big picture
I like them
Just because
J. C. R. (via wunnupoh)
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this gets me so hard

apparently this was johnny and winona meeting for the first time they broke up or something

Omgggggg cryin

This makes my life


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Too awake

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I cant stop
I replay April May and June
Like the songs you’ve crammed into my head
Asking time to take three steps back
So I can truly see you
I can’t stop
I relive every encounter
Like the 1am conversations about everything and nothing
Praying that I could have more seconds to feel you next to me
I can’t stop
I realize the rush and panic
The pressure of time is soul crushing
And I’ll never have enough of it to say what I really need to say
I can only ask that you don’t stop
Because I can’t stop
J. C. R. (via wunnupoh)

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i hate porn. “ohh fuck my ass!!!” you fuck your own damn ass

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